What is PANDHY’S™Sweet Treat Club?

As part of our PANDHY’S™Sweet Treat Club program, we would like to thank our guests for their loyalty with a cashback program. The cashback program will return 10% of your spent amount to your loyalty card, which will be redeemable for our services and products.

How to join?

The connection is automatic, as all the treatments, the list of active ingredients used and the totality of the products chosen for home care can be followed on the card of all our guests in our system.

As soon as the value of the purchases spent reaches a minimum of HUF 150,000, we will issue the PANDHY’S™Sweet Treat Club card, which continuously records the value of the added services and product purchases.

What other bonuses does the PANDHY’S™Sweet Treat Club program offer?

We make sure to surprise our valued customers on their birthdays and name days, with our unique identification system it is even easier to book by phone and we have an automated system where we set various preferences.

Are there levels within the program?

After spending HUF 500,000, our customers will move from Silver to Gold Member status, as a result of which we will surprise you with your own embroidered bathrobe and treatment clothes and the opportunity to participate in our educational and entertainment programs free of charge. On birthdays, we gift a HUF 50,000 gift voucher and on bottle of our own wine selection in addition to our Gold Member guests.