PANDHY’S™ Spa Etiquette 


Dear guests! Please be informed about the followings:

Do not eat abundantly and do not drink plenty of liquids 30 minutes before the treatment.

It is advised to arrive 10 minutes before the massage so that you can calmly change your clothes while relaxing in our cosy rest area with a cup of tea. If it is needed, you can take a shower too. All this will help you enjoy a pleasant massage experience.

Should you foresee that you will be late, you are kindly asked to inform the salon via telephone, possibly at the beginning on the day, or 30 minutes before the massage the latest. It is important for us to know, because we would like to organize further workflow accordingly, to ensure your -, and other guests’ comfort too. The booked time is valid for 15 minutes from the start. Unfortunately, late arrivals might affect the duration of the treatment, as every change might affect all the other scheduled treatments, so you are kindly asked to arrive punctually.

Please read the contraindications on the treatments before starting the procedure. For further information and contraindications please contact our colleagues.

The use of massage therapy – with the professional knowledge of the masseur, and taking into account the contraindications – is solely your responsibility!

Please do not use your mobile phone while in the cabin, please to turn it off, as loud conversation might prevent you and other guests from fully enjoying the relaxation.

Refusal of service might occur if the person is in extreme or intoxicated condition, or behaves inappropriately.

Sexual requests are refused, having regard to our masseurs.

When to avoid massage? (Contraindications)

In some cases, massage is an increased burden for the body. It is necessary to filter out the cases or conditions that make the massage treatment contraindicated. Some of the factors listed below are fully contraindicated, so people with these conditions must not be massaged. Some other part of the factors excludes the massage of certain body parts, or certain massage moves only, but not massage in general, or obtaining a medical opinion might be necessary.

  • Fever
  • Infectious disease
  • Infectious skin lesions
  • Acute inflammation
  • Cancer disease
  • Poste-operative condition – officially it is 6 weeks (for 3 months, after with medical consent)
  • Hemophilia, or while taking anti-thrombotic medicines
  • Active phase of rheumatoid arthritis
  • Advanced osteoporosis
  • Untreated high blood pressur
  • Instability of the joints
  • Deep vein thrombosis (as the blood clot might move and cause blockage elsewhere)
  • Epilepsy or similar neurological disorders
  • Certain heart and circulatory problems
  • Varicose veins (the limb affected should not be massaged, but other areas can be)
  • Unstable psychic condition
  • Physically weak condition, under the influence of alcohol, unpredictable behaviour
  • During the first 3 months of pregnancy
  • Menstruation – bleeding is stronger because the massage enhances circulation ; while because of its antispasmodic and pain releiving effect it is easier to bear the pain of menstruation, therefore each case should be weighed up indivicually and a decision should be made accordingly.
  • It is necessary that you inform your therapist about diabetes / thyroid problem