CosMed Ltd. was founded as a classic family business in 2004 with its own patent protected development for the production and distribution of professional sugar depilation products. In 2004 the implementation of PANDHY’S™ professional depilatory sugar and the related depilation procedure stirred both domestic and international waters in salon depilation. The sharply opposed to current trends and customs, we offered an innovative material and procedure that  surprised the whole profession. By that time it was the only competition to what was dominant such as resins and waxing. We opened a completely new dimension in depilation. Without competition for years PANDHY’S™ sugar – which in many places referred to as the “world-famous Hungarian sugar” – During its years of hegemony it gained a reputation of professional market worldwide that raised it to an unavoidable factor.

To this day, the company is exclusively Hungarian, family-owned. In the first years it was single operated but due to the rapid growth in 2008, the conscious construction of company structure began. Product development and company management are still in the hands of the owner. By this time the number of employees in CosMed Ltd. was 25, at the
company group level it is close to 40. The company headquarters operates at its own headquarters located in Sóskút. The entire administration and management takes place at this location, as well as the production of patent-protected products.

The initial 5-item product range is now expanded to 300 members. A certain percentage of the products are our own developed recipes and it is made in contract with Hungarian manufacturers. There are a few on the palette that is due to the specific technological requirements of its production is made at foreign locations.

Our company operates with the same ownership structure in Germany, Spain, England and Hong Kong. The company philosophy is scientifically supported “separate way” where we offer different ways, solutions that are opposed to, or away from the usual and traditional methods. This determines the direction of our product developments and operation itself.

We entered the market with hair removal sugar paste as a procedure without competition. This is how we established our market positions, gaining a reputation among our users that anything we produce become receptive almost without reservations. People relentlessly expect that they get special, original and top quality in the future, because that’s what we are all about. Our customer identifies us with these criteria, and it is the reason of their loyalty.

Continuous innovation and new product development is what makes us unique. In addition to hair removal, we also offer special facial, body care and make-up. The year 2013 brought and opened up a new segment of the professional beauty industry and SPA products for us.

In 2015, a long cherished dream came true with the creation of the CosMix product line. Like the obsession with uniqueness and creativity, CosMed Ltd. created a customized cosmetic
product line, a concept where special, well-variable formulas and the expertise of the therapist together create the true miracle of cosmetics, the personalized beauty care.

We do not only sell products, but also procedures, techniques such as knowledge and know-how. Education plays a decisive role in our activities. We apply our own textbooks, written and audio visual aids, our self-developed educational training, education programs and application techniques related to the use of our products  for worldwide education.

Our instructors and experts are popular lecturers of international professional programs that gives the opportunity to have a scientific character of our marketing activity.

In 2012, CosMed Ltd. also entered the beautician training market. Within the framework of PANDHY’S™ Beauty Academy, high-level beautician training takes place and we teach our own, also accredited training programs of our company. Because in Europe, as in the whole world, there is a high demand for well-trained beauticians and beauty therapists, we entered into cooperation with one of the most prestigious international cosmetic training and certification organizations the CIDESCO. In order to increase the “marketability” of Hungarian beauticians, the students at our school can also obtain a CIDESCO degree, which is recognized and accepted in more than 40 countries around the world from Australia, through South Africa, to the United States.

We consider it our strength that we continuously manage to meet the role of a niche manufacturer by managing to make the products as well as the communication with our customers personal. In our case it is completely real – to create the impression and experience that the customer is the center of our operation, that everything is about their needs determine the developments of the product policy and development directions, that we have the ability to recognize what our market needs and through the feedback from them we have the creative skill to make innovations to serve them.

Our first reference salon the CukorSPA salon opened in 2006 in downtown Budapest. Another nearly 50 PANDHY’S™ reference salons operate worldwide and their number is constantly growing.

The founder Gertrud Borbíró

The PANDHY’S™ brand was created by Borbíró Gertrud. She created the world famous brand of sugar depilation products. She is the owner of the patents, she developed every material and the related depilation techniques, as well as the training method, and trained the first trainers of the procedure worldwide. She is also the inventor of PANDHY’S™ products, and most of them were developed by her.

“More than 20 years ago, I got into the beauty industry by chance as an economist. In the meantime, I retrained as a cosmetic chemist and formulator. I developed my first brand, PANDHY’S™ safe cosmetics line, which started with sugar depilation, from a single product to a professional line of hundreds of products with countless patented formulas and processes. Over the last two decades, under the CosMed umbrella, other international brands have been born and have reached markets in over 40 countries on 5 continents. I sincerely believe and hope that we will be able to innovate and market our services not only with our products, but also with the wealth of accumulated knowledge and international experience that we have gained, which we will put at the service of our guests to the highest possible standards.”


From the first moment of the company’s operation and the development concept is a separate passenger, unique, at the same time professionally original and a trendsetter as it planned to be.

As a relatively young and small company, CosMed Ltd. is operating in the professional cosmetics market of many players where success could and is expected only if it goes against the trends. We cannot wish that anyone should follow us if we stand at the end of the line and go after the others. Only if we can hope that there will be someone who will come after us if we go in the other direction and of course if we are able to make our own path attractive to others.

The recipe starts with having a precisely definable market, for example the market of users of professional cosmetic services. Why is this good? If you can describe our target market well, then it is easy to identify, to find and address. The next step is to get our hands on something special. Not to think for big discoveries directly of course, discovery is a difficult thing and not just a matter of determination. Being innovative and creative is not difficult. We believe this is a matter of world view experiences, primarily a question of openness and attitude. We must know the market, our users, if we know and we understand the market we are targeting and also see the gaps and we have to be brave enough to believe that we can offer something new.

Anyone who follows this path should consider the customer as a thinking being, who has a mind and uses it too. This is good because the mind itself is a mechanism, which is just as effective and can be controlled just like the machines on a production line. You don’t have to be afraid of unconventional thoughts and approaches, if we approach smartly and with understanding, we do what we want with our customers. What we do is to sell special products surrounded by an effective story. With our products, we also sell the experience to our direct users (i.e. beauticians),that they are selected and different from the others, because, for example, shopping right is only obtained by completing our course. So we don’t just sell products, but knowledge and information.
So the bottom line at this point is that everything; the product, the related communication, everything-must be made personal, everything must have that impression and experience to the customer that it is all about them. They are even part of the developments, their needs determine the product policy, development directions, etc. In the case of PANDHY’S™, it is exactly right; we really go further and further based on the feedback from our customers.

If our “entrance” is good, i.e. our basic product, with which we entered the market and gained reputation is good, then the road is significantly smoother and easier afterwards. PANDHY’S™ put down its foot in the door gap with sugar depilation. Even to this day, sugar depilation is the flagship of our company. With an entrance like this, we gained a reputation that provided to our target market a worldwide brand that produces products to its customers thats is almost unconditionally receptive to everything that comes from us or connects to us.

At the same time, the market relentlessly expects us to create that special, original and top quality, as people identify us with these characteristics and are absolutely acceptable with our brand. So we cannot afford that one thing ; we cannot disappoint our customers, we can’t trick them, because then trust and thus success is irreversibly over.

This is how we can summarize the business and product policy that we have been following since the beginning in Hungary and in all our foreign markets by our distributors.

The consequence of the natural evolution of the company and the product line is that the product development developed parallel with the production and distribution, as well as vocational training activities, services as well, so that PANDHY’S™ salons were opened one after the other worldwide.

At first, depilation salons were open under the name of PANDHY’S™, but as it grew, it grew the product range and its service units operating with the entire salon palette. Under the brand name PANDHY’S™, we now offer a full range of professional cosmetic services with the availability of a comprehensive range of products.

Another stage of development is the PANDHY’S beautique™ international franchise network system development and launch. This step besides the large amount of accumulated knowledge, professional and business experience, significantly part of the creation of CosMix your blend-your beauty product line and its entry to the market that made it possible and timely.

The PANDHY’S™ CosMix product range approaches body and skin care in a completely new way, defying convention. The concept starts from the premise that everyone is unique, our skin is completely unique, our cosmetic need are unique and it changes from time to time just as our needs and our related expectations.

Conventional skin care mainly tries to treat different skin types, CosMix – your blend – your beauty concept serves the real-time needs and current priorities of the guest. Considering the fact that the skin is alive and constantly changing, it interacts with the environment, with current conditions, it is affected by climate, lifestyle, sleeping habits, sleep quality, eating habits, current state of mind and mood, emotions and much, much more other things too.

As always with PANDHY’S™, every element of the CosMix range is created with scientific precision and imaginative ingenuity. With its use, it is possible to practice cosmetics at the highest possible level both in salon services and home skin care. With this level of quality and care concept, we have a tool in our hands to address and serve salon guests, which answers all the consumer expectations and needs of today’s age, regardless of geographical, cultural and ethnicity. The diversity, combinability and modular character of the system in the strictest sense of the word makes it customizable, both the treatments and the formulas themselves.