Face and body treatments

The PANDHY’S™ sugar SPA Salon treatment services with the COSMIX line that is an innovative tailor-made, professional beauty care and therapy system, the precisely coordinated performance of exquisite formulas and highly skilled and attentive practitioners, with the client’s current needs and desires in the focus as the only priority.

COSMIX – your blend, your beauty line gives the therapist both the possibility and the responsibility to compose the appropriate treatment and blend the most suitable formulas to achieve the expected result of the treatment that serves YOUR current cosmetic needs and fulfills your desires regarding your skin, its appearance, quality and condition.

Based on the beauty care concept described above, our facial treatments are defined only for their duration, not indicative or content-wise. That means you decide on the duration of your treatment, i.e. choose the 45-minute BASE CARE and the 90-minute PERFORMANCE CARE treatment packages.

Your therapist and you together decide how to fill the chosen treatment time. You describe your needs, current problems and your treatment goals, the beautician treating you will compile the specific treatment based on this protocol.