It’s time to think differently about depilation!

Revived from old cultures and traditions, the sugar paste is adapted to the needs of the age and the associated depilation process offer a perfect and long-lasting solution for all skin and hair types. It removes very short, even ingrown hairs in their natural growth direction gently and effectively. Thus, this hair removal method is much less painful and injury-free. This method excludes broken hairs. The sugar, this wonderfully natural, body-own substance has beyond depilation unimaginable possibilities both in the cosmetics salon as well as in the home treatment.

The PANDHY’S ™ sugar paste is made according to the ancient oriental recipe of sugar and water using a patented process without citric acid! PANDHY’S ™ Depilation Sugar Paste only adheres to the hair, not the skin. Thanks to this behaviour we can return to the same skin surface several times, it completely removes the hair and does not leave any hair broken into the follicles, nor red, irritated skin. It gently removes dead skin cells, making the treatment significantly less uncomfortable. The result is a long-lasting smooth skin.

PANDHY’S ™ Sugar Paste is massaged manually on the surface of the skin to be depilated, in the opposite direction of hair growth. The paste is body-warm, so there is no risk of burning yourself. Our sugar paste surrounds the hair, flowing into the follicle to a certain depth. The extraction in the direction of hair growth is complete, leaving no broken hairs in the follicle.

This PANDHY’S ™ product is perfectly hygienic, sugar itself being a natural preservative, it does not allow any bacteria to settle in the paste, it retains its quality forever. It can be perfectly removed from skin, textiles and all other materials and surfaces with lukewarm water, so cleaning after treatment is easy, no need for various chemicals.

Why is sugar paste hair removal more permanent than waxing or other depilation methods?

When the hair is long enough (approx. 5-10 mm) to be waxed, then out of the three phases the hair growth is already at the so-called telogen phase, which means that the follicle is already grows the new one under the visible hair which determines the time of “hairlessness”. With sugar paste, since it can remove even very short hair, we have the method for short hair removal that is performed in the so-called anagen growth phase, which is why it is significantly longer time until the follicle is able to grow a new hair again. During this phase hair removal also affects the follicle itself, thanks to which you may also experience changes in your hair quality after the first treatment. Thinner, softer and mostly lighter regrowing hair.

Why is it better for avoiding ingrown hairs?

So-called ingrown hairs cause problems for many people. The reason of this phenomenon is that after hair removal, there is no hair in the follicle for weeks so the dead skin cells can block the the top of the follicle. Due to this blockage the newly growing hair cannot break to the surface and it is forced under the skin. It can also be caused by one of the common side effects of waxing, namely when removing hair in the opposite direction of hair growth that causes the original hair follicle change its position (in most parts of the body, the follicle forms a 45° angle with the skin surface), this may also be the reason that the newly growing hair does not find its way to the skin surface.

About the discomforts of the treatment:

During sugar paste hair removal the only discomfort you may experience is momentary feeling of pain that occurs when the hair is pulled out. It should be known that the root of the hair is larger than the surface of the follicle, therefore the extraction itself is a bit painful. For the little discomfort you will be compensated by the massage accompanying the application and the perfect, irritation-free, long lasting result.