Face and décolleté treatments


Do you like it sweet or salty? SweetCare cream with granulated sugar for those love it sweet, whose skin is dry and sensitive; salty-frothy for guests with combined skin type, which refreshes and thoroughly cleanses the skin at the same time.

Duration: 15 minutes – Price: 1 200 Ft

Sweet Meringue; a chemical peeling with the scent of anise; soft, delicious treatment taking 20 minutes, which makes the toneless and dull skin vivid and glowing;

Duration: 25 minutes – Price: 1 200 Ft

Frothy coffee with sugar; a real refreshment for the skin and the soul – everybody has to try it, regardless of the skin type;

Duration: 25 minutes – Price: 1 450 Ft

For Gentlemen; we recommend our anise with the power of salt peeling, which besides its scrubbing effect has a moisturizing and anti-wrinkle effect as well, for men who like to be pampered too.

Duration: 20 minutes – Price: 1 200 Ft

Face & Décolleté massages

Moisturizing with glucose and vitamin C; regardless of age and gender, whenever you and your body want a little bit of moisture and indulgence „only”;

Duration: 30 minutes – Price: 4 200 Ft

Keep in shape massage; a treatment for combined skin type, when it strains, stretches, and itches. Of course, with the help of sugar, using the beneficial effects of tea tree, lavender and jojoba;

Duration: 30 minutes – Price: 4 200 Ft

Lightening massage; our Rathany sweet caress with sugar treatment calms reddish cheeks;

Duration: 30 minutes – Price: 4 200 Ft

Wrinkle smoothing For Men; sweet, with anise, tea tree and lavender, evoking the memory of Negro candy from our childhood…

Duration: 30 minutes – Price: 4 200 Ft

Cleansing Facials

Help! I have breakouts; Acne treatment program, not only for teenagers, in-depth pore cleansing, moisturizing and smoothening, everything that makes the skin look more beautiful and smoother;
Tip: we offer home care tips and healing make-up advices as well

Duration: 90-120 minutes – Price: 10 800 Ft

Ecstatic moisturizing; for our treatment, besides glucose, Damascus rose is at our help, which besides rejuvenating the skin, also enchants us, taking us into a magnificent rose garden with its scent, freeing us from everyday stress…

Duration: 90-120 minutes – Price: 9 700 Ft

Soothing lavender treatment; Dream under a blooming lavender bush. This is the experience that our treatment offers, giving a lot of water, energy, purity and peace to the skin. It relaxes the brain, calms the mind…

Duration: 90-120 minutes – Price: 9 900 Ft

Facial cleansing for Gentleman; The treatment goal is to moisturize, and soften the skin, and to regulate the function of sebaceous glands. Besides removing sebaceous lumps, we offer advice for shaving and everyday skincare.

Duration: 90-120 minutes – Price: 10 100 Ft

Pampering facial

Skin rejuvenating therapy; The renewal of the skin of the face and décolleté, through a revolutionary PANDHY’S™ technique, without needles and wounds. Invasive sugaring is followed by a massage with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, followed by a beneficial, filling mud mask. And the results will follow…

Duration: 90-120 minutes – Price: 11 550 Ft

Body masks for face and décolleté

Detoxifying and filling Mud Body Mask; the base of this body mask is the thermal mud of Hévíz, which we always mix with ingredients matching the skin type.

Duration: 30 minutes – Price: 1 650 Ft

To our guests lacking time, we recommend our „Quick Help” packages, the base of which is SweetCare sugar cream. It can help ingredients get into the deeper layers of the skin in only 20 minutes! The ingredients can be carrot juice, grape juice, banana puree, depending on what your skin needs.

Duration: 20 minutes – Price: 1 650 Ft