Men’s Cosmetics

Are you looking for the manly perfect? With our special offers tailored to the needs of men’s skin, we can offer you maximum help.

Welcome to the world of dapper, well-groomed men!

Choose from our services:

  • PANDHY’S™ depilation with sugar paste
  • Facials
  • Massages
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For Gentlemen; we recommend our anise with the power of salt peeling, which besides its scrubbing effect has a moisturizing and anti-wrinkle effect as well, for men who like to be pampered too.

Duration: 20 minutes – Price: 1 200 Ft

Face & Décolleté massage

Wrinkle smoothing For Men; sweet, with anise, teatree and lavender, with the memory of Negro candy…

Duration: 30 minutes – Price: 4 200 Ft

Cleansing Facial

Facial cleansing for Gentleman; The goal of the treatment is to moisturize, and soften the skin, and to regulate the function of sebaceous glands. Besides removing sebaceous lumps, we offer advice for shaving and everyday skincare.

Duration: 90-120 minutes – Price: 10 100 Ft

Body treatments

Relaxing with lavender oil; A wonderful blend of cell regenerating, soothing lavender, and antiseptic, anti-inflammatory tea tree oil mixed into the softening, moisturizing jojoba oil offers a real relaxing experience.

Back massage duration: 30 minutes – Price: 6 050 Ft
Full body massage duration: 60 minutes – Price: 8 800 Ft


Mediterranean Macho; Skin firming massage with citrus fruits and skin nourishing shea butter. The moves of Swedish massage relax the tired muscles.

Back massage duration: 30 minutes – Price: 6 050 Ft
Full body massage duration: 60 minutes – Price: 8 800 Ft


Volcanic stone massage; Thanks to the slow, stroking moves using warm stones and organic oil, the vegetative nervous system calms. Nodules formed in the muscles dissolve, rheumatic, muscular and joint pain reduces. Enhances detoxification processes.

Back massage duration: 30 minutes – Price: 6 050 Ft
Full body massage duration: 60 minutes – Price: 8 800 Ft


Refreshing foot massage; Our special oil blend with a fresh scent nourishes the skin of your feet, relaxes the muscles. The formation of hard skin on the feet can be prevented by using it regularly, and it strengthens the immune system.

Duration: 30 minutes – Price: 4 950 Ft

Duration: 60 minutes – Price: 7 700 Ft


M’s Meridian massage; A deep-relaxing treatment with detoxifying effect, completed with a warm back body mask and pressuring moves. It is the equivalent of 4 hours sleeping! An excellent relaxing treatment during a stressful period.

Duration: 50 minutes – Price: 10 450 Ft


MintEcstasy; A head massage with PANDHY’S™ Scalp Vital oil, which refreshes, regenerates, activates the scalp, offering a real refreshment. The good blood supply to the hair follicles makes the hairs hold better, and balding can be delayed as well. After the head massage we cleanse the face and apply the calming face/eye mask. During the time of the body mask, we pamper our guest with foot massage.

Duration: 50 minutes – Price: 13 750 Ft


Relaxing, skin softening massage with aroma candle, pouring oil on the forehead; (face-head-arm). The massage of the head is followed by the massage of the arms and hands, then oil is poured on the forehead.  The pleasant warmth of the oil is an excellent finisher of the relaxing treatment. The skin nourishing oil blend comforts the hairy scalp too. Its cocoa- and hemp oil content nourishes the hair follicles, smoothes out broken hairs and reduces their inflexibility (the oil gets absorbed completely).

Duration: 50 minutes – Price: 17 500 Ft


Muscle relaxing massage with aroma candles opening energizing marma points; (face-back) We can easily relax the muscles of the back with the warm massage oil. What makes this treatment special, is that first we stroke the face with the aroma oil enabling our guest to relax more easily through the inhalation of the oil; and by stimulating the marma points on the face our guest becomes more receptive, thus making the back massage more effective.

Duration: 50 minutes – Price: 17 500 Ft


Algae Power; Tightening the abdomen, reducing the volume with the power of the „fat killer” spirulina algae. After the salty-frothy peeling, we apply an algae mask onto the area of the abdomen and the hip. During the time of the mask we ensure perfect relaxation with foot massage or head massage.

Duration: 60 minutes – Price: 19 800 Ft


SportMan – full body massage; This treatment with a shea butter-based massage butter made of precious essential oils pleasantly warms and relaxes stuck muscles.

Duration: 50 minutes – Price: 14 850 Ft