Harangvölgyi™ Treatments

Presenting the technology:

Harangvölgyi™ Institute Budapest presents the most innovative skin care tool: HV MAGIQSKIN skin care device based on quantum technology, and the related methodology. The quantum technology represented by HV MAGIQSKIN is based on the energy of resonances emitted by naturally occurring minerals and crystals.

The benefits of the interaction between living organisms and crystals were used by several ancient healing methods already.  The electromagnetic field of the body reacts with the resonance of the crystal, its bioenergetic and magnetic field, and the positive physiological effect on the skin is exerted during this reaction.

In fact, part of the problem skin symptoms is caused by the disorder in the physiological or energetic processes.

HV MAGIQSKIN, with the help of quantum technology, plays a part in the improvement of the energetic relations of the skin, which might result in reducing skin problems and improving physiological processes!


HV MAGIQSKIN, by activating the developing and regenerating mechanisms, can largely improve unpleasant skin symptoms. The results are based on practical experience of Harangvölgyi Institute’s anti-ageing specialists.

The combined use of HV MAGIQSKIN and HV HydroCare Serum may offer a solution to soothe the following symptoms:

  • dark circles around the eyes
  • sagging skin
  • superficial wrinkles and expression lines
  • wide pores
  • dehydration
  • dull skin

Further positive experiences from HV MAGIQSKIN users:

  • inflammatory processes may diminish
  • lifting effect
  • metabolic processes of the skin may intensify
  • pigment spots may fade
  • relaxing effect
  • energizing effect
  • sebum production normalising effect
  • by applying it on the neck, décolleté and hand, the skin might become firmer.



Moisturizing, firming treatment.

Duration: 50 minutes – Price: 12 900 HUF – pass: 68 000 HUF / 6 occasions


  • Moisturizing, firming treatment.

Duration: 75 minutes – Price: 15 900 HUF – pass: 84 000 HUF / 6 occasions