GUASHA – the secret of the beauty of Asian women

When talking about South-East Asian people, many of us think of their agelessness first. The skin of Far Eastern women is extremely silky, resistant to sunlight, smooth, and ages slower; and their hair is strong and shiny. Somehow, Asian people are wrinkle free, ageless, and simply beautiful.

One of the secrets – the basic tool of the treatment of timeless beauty – is the GUASHA made of buffalo horn.

The spectacular anti-aging treatment with this tool is a facial reflexology as well, which

  • reduces wrinkles,
  • lifts, tightens sagging skin,
  • passively enhances exercising skin muscles,
  • reduces puffiness under the eyes immediately,
  • energizes tired, stressed skin, giving it a healthy, “rosy” complexion


Relax and firm your skin at once, choose from our special treatments:

GuaSha EXPRESS; Beautiful & firm skin

Duration: 50 minutes – Price: 10 500 Ft


GuaSha COMPLEX; Beautiful, firm & filled skin

Duration: 70 minutes – Price: 12 500 Ft


GuaSha DE’LUX; Firm, filled skin & relaxed shoulders

Duration: 100 minutes – Price: 15 500 Ft


GuaSha Eye & Foot refreshing massage; Edema reducing, anti-wrinkle, refreshing eye care, with relaxing foot massage

Duration: 50 minutes – Price: 13 500 Ft


With only one GUASHA treatment we can reach an immediate, spectacular result already, but for a lasting effect it is recommended to take a course of treatment. Please contact our treatment specialists for details!