The concept…

The CosMix product range is an innovative, tailored, professional beauty care and therapy system, a precise cooperation between wonderful formulas and highly qualified expert professionals, focusing on the actual needs and desires of our guests, as our most important priority.

The CosMix – your blend, your beauty concept gives the therapist the opportunity as well as the responsibility to create the most suitable cosmetic product to every client; which, with the properly chosen and implemented treatment delivers the required result, serves the actual cosmetic needs of the client and fulfils his/her desire related to the skin, the appearance, the quality and state of the skin.

The CosMix tailor-made beauty concept has 3 pillars.

  • pillar: formulas, cosmetic products created with scientific precision and inventive ingenuity- these are supplied by us.
  • pillar: professionalism, experience, expertise – these have to be added by you.
  • pillar: a precise and accurate diagnosis and setting precise treatment goals

All cases have to be carefully explored and analysed, and it is important to authentically document and trace the treatments and the progress.


The Treatment…

CosMix – your blend your beauty – Tailor made beauty;

… literally. To be able to create the most appropriate treatment for our guest, to mix the formula that best meets his/her needs, first of all we carry out a detailed analysis, take the guests history as thoroughly as possible, his/her present condition, analysing each and every detail. Following the analysis, we can start the treatment with CosMix products. The result is spectacular and speaks for itself.

Duration: 60-90 minutes – Price: 19 500 Ft

Tolvai Reni has tried it already: “Today, I received the most fabulous facial treatment of my life, with the new Cosmix oils blended with lavender tea. It was a great experience, I love you PANDHY’S and SugarSPA salon!”

Mask for face and décolleté

COSMIX mask; the basis of our mask is white kaolin, enriched by noble and rich vegetable oils and butters. We create it for you in the cabin, mixing with CosMix active ingredients. The effect of this combination is unbeatable.

Duration: 20 minutes – Price: 3 100 Ft